Celebrating Years of Magic

Disney Cast Member Celebration 2022

One of the advantages of living and working in the Orlando area includes serving as a cast member for Disney.

It takes a lot of cast members and a lot of hours put in behind the scenes to pull off the magic in front of the millions of visitors.

Disney had to postpone The 2021 Walt Disney World Cast Member Service Celebration due to weather conditions and COVID-19. But this past weekend, magic happened!

To show their thanks, Walt Disney World recently closed the Magic Kingdom to daily park guests for two days in a row and honored cast members with recognition, appreciation, and the full experience of the attractions.

They made it special by addressing the cast members, telling them:

Whether on stage or off, you are the ones who make wishes come true for cast and guests from around the world. Along the way, you’ve made some memories for yourself as well, memories to cherish of friends working together to make the fantastic become real. While every Happily Ever After starts with a wish, we know that it takes hard work and dedication to make dreams become reality. As dreamers, we must always cast our eyes to the future. A new tomorrow is always over the horizon and you will be the ones to guide our way to exciting new adventures, creating happily ever afters for generations to come.
As we recognize and honor your service we also know it is your knowledge and expertise which will allow us to unlock the magic that lies ahead. The real enchantment of this most magical place on earth is you, the cast members who have kept Walt and Roy Disney’s dream alive for all these years. No matter where your journey with Disney has taken you, you’ve kept their spark of inspiration burning strong, bringing smiles to the faces of millions. As Walt said, you can dream, design, and create the most magical place on earth, but it requires people to make the dream come true. You truly are the magic.”

Despite some rainy weather, it was a beautiful day that marked the event at Magic Kingdom and provided a lot of magical fun for everyone. Over ten thousand guests enjoyed character meet-and-greets, special merchandise, and more.

For those of us fortunate enough to work at Disney for many years, it proved a very special event.

We celebrated our years of service with our fellow cast members, many of whom we could not see in person since the pandemic began.

Filled with memories that we will cherish for years to come, thank you, Disney, for making it possible!

Having provided luxury car service to a large number of people traveling to and from the Disney parks and resorts over the years, we feel honored to have experienced this celebration and do think we get to play a key part in helping people experience one of the greatest times imaginable.

Here’s a taste of the experience.

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