Q How early does Orlando Executive Car Service require a reservation to be made?
R While we will do everything we can to accommodate guests with short notice, we encourage people to make their transportation reservation just as soon as find their itinerary. Although our reservations can be made 24 hours a day 7 days a week, please allow us at least 24 hours prior to your arrival for on-line reservations. If you are arriving to Orlando within 24 hours, please call us directly at 407-914-1017. You also may send us an email at info@orlandoexecutivecarservice.com
Q How and where do we find our driver when we arrive at Orlando International Airport?
R Your driver will meet & greet you at the baggage claim area at Orlando International Airport with your name on a sign (If you have request the meet & greet service). If you do not see you driver, do not panic! Just give us a call at 407-914-1017 and we’ll locate them for you.
Q Can we request Infant Car Seat or Booster? What is the charge if any?
R Yes you can request Infant Car Seats and Boosters. There is Free charge for each infant car seat round trip fair and for a booster seat.
Q When to use a Infant Car Seat?
R Infant Car seats are used for children who weigh from 2.3 kg (5 lb.) until 11 kg (24 lb.), generally from about age 1 to 1 1/2 years.
Q When to use a Booster Seat?
R Booster seats are used for children who weigh 12 kg (26lb.) or more
Q Can you pick us up from the hotel near by the Orlando International Airport and what will be the charge?
R Yes we can pick you up from any hotel in Orlando area. The rates should be the same as from the Orlando international airport, as long as the hotel is within the 5 mile radius of the Orlando airport.
Q How to pay for our transportation?
R We require credit card information once you make a reservation with us; this is just to confirm your reservation with us. We don’t charge your card until the day of your service. But on the day of your service we charge you for your round trip transportation.
Q What is the procedure to confirm our return pick up from cruise terminal to the Orland International Airport?
R Your return schedule pick up time is based on the information you provided us when you made reservation and is made before you actually get to Orlando. Normally we schedule a 10:00am pick up time from Royal Caribbean cruise lines and also for Carnival cruise line only if your flight is at or after or 1:00pm and for Disney cruise line at 9:00am only when your flight is at or after 12:00pm. If your flight is leaving early then we schedule you according to your flight departure time and then it is your responsibility to get out from the cruise ship by that time. If you are not able to come out from the cruise line by the scheduled pick time then there is extra charge depending on how long the driver has to wait for you.
Q Does Orlando Executive Car Service provide transportation service to other attractions such as, Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Kennedy Space Center, Busch Gardens and other destinations?
R Yes, Orlando Executive Car Service is a complete transportation’s service company. We provide transportation to anywhere our guests wish to go.
Q We have multi-family members coming from different parts of the country and arriving on the same day, but at a different time. We wish to ride together to Disney. How can we arrange this with Orlando Executive Car Service?
R If the times spread between flights are not too far apart and you do not mind waiting for your other family. All you need to do when filling out our reservation form is to provide us with name and flight information of the flight that’s arriving the latest and instruct your other family members who are arriving early to meet up with you and your driver at the baggage claim area.

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