Orlando Terminal C Set to Open Labor Day Weekend

Orlando Terminal C Executive Car Service

Orlando exists to provide new and unique attractions.

Travelers will find Orlando continues not to disappoint as the $2.75 billion Terminal C project completes and opens on Labor Day Weekend.

The new Orlando Terminal C will boast 28 gates, a food court, and many other features to make the experience more enjoyable for travelers, in addition to the two other terminals that Orlando International Airport has.

The new terminal provides an expanded concessions area and more parking spaces. This will take some pressure off the current infrastructure, which weathered record-breaking numbers of passengers in recent years. If one of the fortunate travelers flying into Orlando this Labor Day Weekend, make sure you stop to check out the new Terminal C.

Important to remember, that Orlando serves as home to many different attractions that make it a unique destination.

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Black Car Service From Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral

Black Car Service From Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral

If you’ve never been to Port Canaveral, you’re in for a treat. This bustling port is home to some of the most popular cruise ships in the world, and it’s also a great place to enjoy the Florida sun. Whether you’re taking a cruise or just spending a day at the beach or learning about the history of space travel, Port Canaveral is a great destination.

If you’re flying into Orlando International Airport and have plans to head to Port Canaveral you’ll want to do so with as little hassle as possible to help make the trip memorable.

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The Benefits of Black Car Service

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Planning Your Trip Port Canaveral

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Add Luxury Car Service to Your Orlando Trip

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Orlando Airport Terminal C News

Orlando Airport Terminal C Luxury Car Transportation

For those not in the know, the Orlando International Airport is undergoing a major renovation!

The new Terminal C Phase 1 will add 15 gates and increase the airport’s capacity by 10-12 million passengers each year.

This is great news for Orlando travelers, as the airport is quickly becoming one of the busiest in the country.


Work on the new terminal is well underway. Recently, the Greater Orlando Airport Authority projected the following timetable for the terminal’s start-up:

  • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Approval: February 28, 2022
  • On May 1, 2022, Terminal C will be substantially completed
  • From mid-May to the end of July 2022, while the installation is being completed, operations will begin
  • The official commencement of operations will begin July 2022

If you’re flying to Orlando, Florida to visit Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort, this new airport terminal will be your next stop. It’s something to look forward to, especially if it’s your first time flying into the region.


Of course, with this update to one of the busiest airports in the world, you can expect new state of the art features and technology, including:

  • Fully automated screening lanes in the TSA checkpoint
  • For international arrivals and departures, 100% facial recognition is used
  • A new approach for international passengers to receive their “Bags First” and speed up customs processing at the Federal Inspection Services (CBP/FIS) integrates state-of-the-art Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID). Tote baggage handling system has been implemented throughout for efficient tracking and faster operation
  • Gate operations for simultaneous international and domestic arrivals
  • Aircraft operations may be controlled via a virtual ramp
  • The first completely integrated, multi-modal airport terminal in the United States for rail-air-ground transportation is at ORD

Customer Experience

The terminal’s lobby, which is anchored by a four-story atrium with a skylight and circular glass floor, offers a first-class customer arrival experience that instantly connects passengers to the region’s culture. It includes:

• Digital media on a large scale, as part of an engaging visual experience

• Sustainability promoted through indoor and outdoor gardens

• A variety of shops, restaurants, and club/lounge facilities on the premises

Visiting Orlando Soon?

If you’re flying into Orlando this summer, make it a point to check out the renovations at the airport.

The new terminals are certain to look beautiful and spacious.

If you’re planning your summer visit, don’t forget to book your Orlando luxury car service in advance – we promise you won’t be disappointed with the benefits of our service to help make your visit even more special.

Orlando International Airport New Terminal

Orlando Airport Terminal

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board Advances South Terminal Project

 ORLANDO, FL. – The first phase of design for construction of the $1.8 billion South Terminal Complex was given the go-ahead by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) Board. At its May meeting the Board approved a request by Executive Director Phil Brown to re-evaluate the timing for the facility after hearing that growth in Orlando International Airport’s domestic and international passenger traffic may negatively impact the level of service at the current North Terminal Complex. The Board authorized procurement of the appropriate design professionals to proceed with design of phase one of the South Terminal.

“This decision allows us to begin the complex process of developing a new terminal facility,” Brown said. “If we can’t accommodate the traffic, which in our rolling 12-month figures is almost up to pre-recession levels, while delivering our trademark level of high customer service, another airport will.”

Board members also approved a revision of the previously set triggers for South Terminal construction. The previously established benchmarks were 40 Million Annual Passengers (MAP) and two million annual arriving international passengers for six consecutive months on a rolling 12-month basis. The international passenger threshold has already been met and the annual passenger total was revised to 38.5 million.

“It makes sense to start the design process earlier so we can meet the anticipated growth in demand,” says Frank Kruppenbacher, Chairman of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “At our current pace, we will not only break our international record for the year, but potentially our total yearly traffic record as well.”

The current rolling 12-month passenger traffic figures show approximately 36.4 million travelers moving through Orlando International.

“Keeping Orlando moving continues to be a priority for the City of Orlando and the Orlando International Airport is a critical component of those efforts,” said Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. “The new multimodal transportation hub will position Orlando to be one of the first cities in the nation with an on-airport facility and further grow our transportation options, enhancing connections for our residents, visitors and businesses throughout our entire region, state, nation and the world.”

“I am fully supportive of this expansion,” said Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs. “Proper planning for growth is critical for the continued economic health of our region.”

Projected passenger traffic increases due to community investments in tourism, medical research, business and education are driving the accelerated pace of planning. New international airlines and new routes from existing airlines have been added since the original triggers were approved in 2013. All these factors have contributed to consistent passenger growth, presenting capacity challenges for the current North Terminal Complex (NTC).

“Therefore, the underlying drivers for overall air travel growth are likely to remain strong for the foreseeable future,” says Sean Snaith, Director of the Institute for Economic Competitiveness at the University of Central Florida.

Professor Snaith revealed a conservative forecast of sustainable growth for the airport and region which projects robust economic activity through 2020 and beyond. This is growth that will further strain the current facilities and infrastructure at Orlando International Airport.

Critical operational stresses are projected to affect facilities capabilities within the next few years:

– International Gates & Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
– Passenger Security Checkpoints
– Ticketing
– Baggage Handling Systems

Plans for the new South Terminal will be integrated in phases. Phase One, as approved by the Board, will be a 16-gate facility with a 1.5 year Design and Construction Procurement Development schedule and a 2.5 year Pre-construction and Construction schedule. Total projected completion time is estimated at four years.

The South Terminal project will be funded through various sources including Passenger Facility Charges (PFC), Customer Facility Charges (CFC), General Airport Revenue bonds and discretionary GOAA funds.

Combined with the $1.1 billion Capital Improvement Plan construction projects currently underway, development of the South Terminal will enable Orlando International Airport to maximize its ability to meet the travel demands of the present while laying the foundation for the future.


Since the unanimous vote by the Board, the call has been made to fill consulting and professional design and construction services positions. The Authority posted openings for Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) and Statements of Qualifications (SOQ’s) for highly-skilled services related to the project. This process will continue through the end of the year.

Basic MCO information:

Orlando International Airport set a record in 2014 with 4,324,175 international passengers and now with an overall total of 36.4 million annual passengers on a rolling 12-month basis, MCO is the second busiest airport in Florida and 14th busiest in the U.S. The airport has 18,000 employees and generates $31 billion in direct and indirect revenue for the regional economy. Orlando International Airport strives to value and delight its customers through a design concept known as The Orlando Experience®.