What are some safety tips when traveling alone in a cab/taxi/limo?

To stay safe when traveling by taxi

If you’re traveling in a foreign country, you may end up needing to use a taxicab to get from place to place. To stay safe when traveling by taxi, you must secure and keep an eye on all your belongings and maintain a high level of alertness. Choose your cab with care, and don’t be afraid to end the ride if you feel uncomfortable – especially if you are traveling alone. if you are disabled or are a woman, be extremely cautious.

This post is intended for general safety of people, not just women. Anyone can be in trouble when money is in question.

1. Book your cab in advance. Generally speaking… you’ll be safer if you plan your trips ahead of time and call and schedule a cab to pick you up at a set time rather than hailing a cab on the street. This is particularly important if you are a woman or if you are young.

Licensed taxi services have dispatch numbers you can call to schedule your cab in advance. Ask the operator for the name or car number of the car that is scheduled to pick you up. This is especially important at airports, where there often are unlicensed cabs waiting outside to pick up desperate travelers.

You might also give your destination to the operator and ask about fares and traditional tips so you can get a reliable estimate of how much your trip will cost.

When the cab arrives, make sure it is the car you ordered.

2. Use caution when calling in public. If you’re out in public and need to call a cab to come and pick you up, try to make your call from a relatively private place to avoid being overheard. Someone might overhear you and take advantage of the situation

3. When traveling late at night (after amazing party or from Airport), early mornings or to some place remote, please make it a habit to share your cab details with a family member or friend who can track until you reach the destination. Making sure you have access to SOS button. And it works – tested.

If possible, make a phone call and read the cab number loudly just so that the driver knows the cab is being tracked.

4. Know the roads you are traveling – landmarks, distance and time taken to reach the place. If you are traveling to a place for the first time or unsure of the roads, please try to use the GPS or maps. This ensures from making sure your driver is not taking an unnecessary diversion.

Keep your cell phone charged so that phone does not run out of battery.

5. Please check if the cab has child locks. If yes, try booking a new book or take the front seat.

Check for a badge. In most countries, taxicab drivers must have a badge or identification card in their car and available for your inspection. Look at it carefully and, if there’s a photo, compare that photo to the driver to make sure it is the same person.

6. When traveling alone at night or any remote place, never fall asleep. Try calling your friend or someone to keep yourself awake. If you are sleepy before boarding the cab, relax or take rest before booking the cab. Also share your cab details with someone who can actively track you.

7. Don’t showcase your glittering jewelry or any expensive items while commuting. Keep them safe in your bag and put them to use in the intended places only.

If you find the driver suspicious or if the driver makes you feel unconformable, do not get into any heated arguments. Get off the cab nearest safe area and book a new cab.

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